Get Paid To Care

for Your Loved Ones

Care for a loved one, friend, or neighbor through CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program) 

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Get Paid to be a Caregiver 
If you’re taking care of a family member or friend who requires medical assistance or personal care, you may be eligible to get paid under the Consumer Directed Care Program (CDPAP) New York, offered through Medicaid. No home health aide certificate or license is required.
Elite Choice Offers:
  • Competitive pay rates for Personal Assistants (PA's)
  • Weekly pay, direct deposit, paid vacation time, overtime, and sick days 
  • Exceptional customer service with knowledgeable representatives
  • Convenient web portal for PA’s to access payroll records
  • Easy application process - we'll do all the paperwork! 
Care and Assistance May Include:
Housekeeping and shopping
Escort to doctor appointments
Personal hygiene care 
Skilled nursing services such as injections and wound care
Do I Qualify to be a Personal Assistant (PA) under CDPAP?
  • No special training, home health aide certificate or licensing required
  • You must be legally eligible to work in the United States
  • You must be physically capable of caring for another individual (a physical health examination is required) 
  • You may be a friend, family member, neighbor or acquaintance of the patient
  • Parents of disabled adult children are now eligible to be PAs as long as they are not the Designated Representative
  • Spouses or parents of minor children are NOT eligible to be PAs

When my sister became ill and was no longer able to manage day-to-day routines on her own, she asked me to help with her transition home.
While searching for care options, we discovered Elite Choice and CDPAP. Elite helped get me approved to be her Personal Assistant, and now I have the flexibility to earn part time income while I care for my best friend-my sister!

— Rochelle Jackson, Bronx, NY 

CDPAP at a Glance
CDPAP allows you to hire an individual, regardless if they are your family member or friend, to help you with your care.
The person receiving the care is called the Consumer. The person providing the care is called the Personal Assistant or PA.
Elite Choice is the entity that facilitates the process and pays the PA on a weekly basis. Direct Deposit is offered and some PA's are making over $40k annually.
There are no licensing requirements to be a PA. As long as you are legally able to work in the United States, you can be a Personal Assistant.
In some instances you can provide care to a family member living in the same home and/or to a pediatric child that requires care.
The definition of care varies. In some instances it’s total care for a bed bound client, and in others, it’s defined as doing laundry, errands and accompanying them to medical appointments.
The CDPAP program is offered as a Medicaid benefit. Our knowledgeable experts will gladly help you apply.
Our experienced pros will help you get started.
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