Elite Home Health Care Certified as a Great Place to Work®
Brooklyn, N.Y. – Great Place to Work Institute and its senior care partner Activated Insights have honored Elite Home Health Care with certification as a Great Place to Work. The certification process involved surveying 100% of employees from across Elite's locations and evaluating more than 60 elements of team members’ experience on the job. These included employee pride in the organization’s community impact, belief that their work makes a difference, and feeling their work has special meaning. Rankings are based on employees’ experiences, no matter who they are or what they do.

Elite Home Health Care has been honored with the 2024 Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice Award from Home Care Pulse (HCP). The Provider of Choice Award is granted only to top-ranking home care providers, based on client satisfaction scores gathered by HCP, an independent satisfaction research firm for post-acute care. Elite Home Health Care is recognized among a select few home care providers across the country who have proven their ability to provide outstanding care.

Award Winning Agency

Interested in a home health care job?

We offer a variety of positions that promise an enriching career with great salaries and a bucket load of benefits to boot

Do you have a natural ability to connect with people and wish to positively impact someone’s life?

A career in home health care sounds like the right choice for you. We offer a variety of positions as home health aides, personal care aides and administrative work. A career with us promises steady employment and job security with good compensation, as well as flexible schedules so you can balance work and your other commitments.

With you every step of the way

Whether you’re just beginning your career or re-entering the workforce after taking a break, we offer a range of opportunities that will suit your particular interests. What’s more is our hands-on placement coordinators will guide you through the particulars and ensure everything meets your skills and interests. If you need a schedule change or simply someone to talk to, our caring team is always available to support you.

Our pride and joy

From our caregivers to our office support staff, all of our employees are an invaluable part of our mission to provide care. And we make sure to show our appreciation. Aside from unparalleled salary options, we also provide comprehensive benefits packages. We also value our employees’ career development and offer training and professional development courses to help you advance your options. To learn more about our well-known employee benefits program, visit Elite Care Channel.

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Our Caregivers

Hear from our caregivers directly.

Working for Elite has been such a good experience. Though it’s hard work and requires patience, I’ve enjoyed it immensely. The staff coordinators always have your back and make sure the environment is a good fit for me and safe for me to work in.

Ramota Montague
Brooklyn, NY

“Elite is an excellent agency to work for. They opened their doors for me and the coordinators are very experienced and supportive. The work is also very satisfying because I know the difference I make to my client's daily life. When I see the life and joy that my being there brings to my client, and how safe and confident they feel when I’m there, I’m so proud. That’s worth so much to me.”

Belki Quinones De Garcia
Brooklyn, NY

“I love helping people in need and by working as a caregiver Elite has allowed me to make that my career. Every day at work shows me that there are people that really benefit from our services. It’s a great job. I love it!”

Sherline Civil
Brooklyn, NY