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3 Brilliant Brain Games for Dementia to Boost Happiness and Health

Around 50 million people suffer from dementia worldwide, with 10 million new cases each year. 


While there is currently no cure or treatment available for this disorder, training their cognitive skills can help maintain their quality of life. 


Caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging, but there are ways you can help. Keep the mind active and slow the onset of dementia-related diseases by practicing these top brain games for dementia with your loved ones.


1. Memory

One of the best games for dementia patients is the classic game of Memory. 


You may remember playing this game in grade school. It involves laying cards face down. Then you flip over only two cards at a time, until you find a match. Once you find a match, you clear those two cards and continue the process until you've matched all the cards. 


This is a great activity to improve a person's short-term memory. But what makes it an even greater game is that it's so easy to play. 


You can use a traditional deck of cards or create your own cards by drawing symbols on pieces of paper. If you want to customize the game even further, print out photos of people or places that are significant to your loved one. Not only will this increase their short-term memory, but their brain will also work to recognize the significant person or location.  


2. Game Show 

When it comes to dementia games and activities, doctors have started creating their own. Game Show is a brain training game developed by neuroscientists. 


Game Show uses a popular TV format to test the patient with geometric patterns to win coins. As the patient continues to use the app, it adjusts to their specific needs and skill level. During a controlled study, dementia patients using the app saw their memory scores improve by 40 percent. 


The creators of the game suggest one-hour sessions at least once a day for the best results. With this app, your loved one can have fun and train their brain all on their own. 


This game is available through the app Peak on both the Apple Store and Google Play. 


3. CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit brain Fitness is one of the many brain games for Alzheimer's patients available today. This game offers a customized brain training program to rehabilitate the body's main cognitive skills. 


The app provides over 30 different brain games and customizes the experience based on the user's needs. Through the games, users work on their memory, perception, attention, coordination, and reasoning. Studies show that when compared to other computer games, patient's saw significantly more improvement in cognitive skills when using CogniFit. 


This game does come with a yearly subscription price, but the cost is worth it when you consider the proven results. And, included with the subscription, you'll receive reports on the patient's results and progress as they use the game. 


Care Beyond Brain Games for Dementia

While these brain games for dementia are great, they aren't the only measure you should take to care for your loved one. 


Eventually, they may need the services of home health care. At Elite Home Health Care, our caregivers provide services from personal care to companionship care, and even skilled nursing and therapy. 

To learn more about caring for your loved one with dementia, browse our blog. 


And if your loved one has reached the stage where they need comprehensive care beyond your abilities, don't hesitate to contact us today.