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Recognizing November as Home Care and Hospice Month

For many centuries, humans measured their age in winters. When the seasons grow cold, each person over the age of 30 begins to feel a new year of age. It's no surprise, then, that November has become home care and hospice month. This is the time of year when seniors most need help around the house. Each winter might be the first when a home care assistant becomes an essential part of maintaining their quality of life.

What is Home and Hospice Care?

Home care and hospice care are two levels of at-home support. They are designed to support seniors and other individuals with limited mobility or stamina. Home health care assistants offer support, companionship, and care services. They ensure that each client maintains a comfortable and fulfilling quality of life, even if they can no longer take care of all of life's little tasks.

From light cleaning and cooking to in-home medical support, recognizing home care and hospice month is an important way to ensure that the seniors in your life are making it through this winter and every winter in the future.

What are Their Benefits?

  • Companionship

  • Keeping up with a clean and healthy home

  • Maintain daily personal care tasks

  • Assistance with holiday hosting

  • Licensed and proven professional home caregivers

  • Stay in your own home

In fact, home health care has many benefits. Caregivers and home helpers can provide companionship, help with chores, personal care, and even holiday hosting for seniors who still want to be the center of family holiday celebrations.

Of course, each client is unique in their personal needs and preferences. Home health care service is also unique. Your caregiver will help to build a special plan and routine to provide exactly the right type of care for every client. When it comes to aging in place, caregivers are the best ways to continue enjoying life in your own home.

How to Start Home Health Care in New York State

In the state of New York, all home caregivers must be licensed and registered. This protects both the clients and legitimate operations. Therefore, to begin seeking a home care assistant, start by looking up the licensed home care services in your neighborhood. Working with a reputable home care service will ensure that each carer you meet will be trustworthy, licensed, and ready to begin.

How it Can Improve Health Outcomes

November is about recognizing the way that home health care can improve the lives of seniors. Home caregivers help seniors keep up with their health by providing daily activity and engagement, cooking healthy meals, ensuring the home remains clean, and assisting seniors with their personal healthcare needs.

Keeping track of daily medications and ensuring seniors can always visit their doctor can help clients extend their time mobile and in good health and avoid known health risks with compassionate routine management.

Home Health and Hospice Month with Elite Home Health Care

Do you or someone you know need home care? Do not hesitate to call Elite Home Health Care. We are a licensed and trustworthy home care provider. Our team will work with you to ensure that your senior loved one is paired with the right caregiver, ensuring quality of care in the comfort of their home.

Contact us today to consult on the unique home care needs of the senior in your life.

Written by: Leah Ganz
Director of Patient Services

Leah Ganz, RN, BSN is the Director of Patient Services at Elite Home Health Care. She has an extensive background in homecare and previously worked in various specialties including pediatrics, pain managemnet and internal medicine. She oversees allpatient services across Elite's departments.