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5 Summer Activities for Seniors | Elite Home Health Care

As we exit a particularly long, hard winter season, more than ever before, many of us are looking forward to getting outside this summer and enjoying ourselves. That includes our seniors. As seniors around the country continue to be safely and effectively vaccinated for COVID-19, their opportunities to get out there and have fun increase exponentially. Do what you can to help them enjoy themselves this summer. Here are some summer activities for seniors to try.

5 Summer Activities for Seniors

Depending on health and mobility, these are some great summer activity options for seniors.

Go on Long Walks

When the weather is cooperating, a long walk in the fresh air can do wonders, particularly for seniors.

Walking can help seniors improve in health and wellbeing, help them absorb the required amount of vitamin D, strengthen their bodies, and help prevent osteoporosis.

Other benefits of long walks may include:

  • Increasing energy levels and stamina
  • Strengthening muscles, joints, and tendons
  • Lowering risks of heart disease and stroke
  • Holding weight steady

Best of all, when seniors walk with friends and family members, they're able to foster more dynamic social lives at the same time.

Picnic Outdoors

Who doesn't love a picnic for summer activities?

It doesn't have to be elaborate to be enjoyable. Packing a sandwich, fruit, and snacks along with a bottle of water can feel like a treat. Indeed, especially so after having spent most of the last year indoors due to a combination of seasonal weather and public health concerns.

Whether seniors picnic alone or with friends, they can get out there, bask in the sun and fresh air, and enjoy a meal in the process.

Go Fishing

Fishing is one of those wonderful, low-threshold sports that nearly everyone can enjoy. All you need is gear and a place to fish for these summer activities.

For seniors who struggle with balance, we recommend fishing from a dock or pier rather than a boat. Either way, make sure to check with local ordinances to see where you can legally fish and what license is required, if any.

After that, you can just grab your pole and bait, slip on a sun hat, and pack a bottle of water and some snacks. Nothing else is required to enjoy a long summer afternoon of fishing—except perhaps some insect repellent and a comfy camp chair.

Enroll in Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a wonderful workout choice for seniors, particularly for summer activities.

Aquatic exercise is effective for anyone wanting to build lean muscle mass, increase strength, or heal from injury. It is also the ideal exercise medium for aging adults by helping them maintain their good health at a comfortable, functional level. (HydroWorx)

Check out local options and encourage your senior to get enrolled. They can exercise, make friends, and enjoy splashing in the sunshine all summer long.

Take Up Bird Watching

Depending on where you live, bird watching can be a satisfying enterprise.

Even if you simply set up a bird bath or bird feeder in the backyard, seniors can enjoy watching the birds play in the summer sun.

Benefits of birdwatching:

  • Doesn't cost much money
  • Doesn't require high levels of mobility
  • Does encourage outdoor experiences
  • Does provide hours of enjoyment

Whatever summer activities you choose, helping seniors get out there, enjoy life, and exercise their minds and bodies will reap great rewards, both in the present and down the road.

Elite Home Health Care Can Help Find Summer Activities for Seniors

At Elite Home Health Care, we know how challenging it can be to care for our aging loved ones. Every season, certain caregiving challenges change, while others remain the same.

To learn more about how our compassionate caregivers can help, contact Elite Home Health Care today.

Written by: Yelena Sokolsky