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Holiday Safety Tips for Seniors and Their Caregivers

The holiday season has kicked in, and as is the norm, there are a lot of ongoing activities. Many people are often busy during the holiday season with family parties and preparing for the holiday celebrations. However, it is essential to recognize potential safety hazards for seniors at home. So, how should you ensure safety for seniors during holidays?

Safety Precautions and Tips for Seniors:

Some of the various precautions you must take when you are caring for an older adult during the holidays include:

Safe Decorations

The holiday season comes with decorations inside and outside the home. When getting decorations, choose simple ones that won't get in one's way when moving around. Also, avoid decorating surfaces such as handrails for balancing and support. 

Ensure the Floors are Slip-Resistant

Falls are among the common accidents among seniors. Remove any unwanted rugs in the home. In places where rugs are necessary, use non-slip pads under rugs to prevent slips and falls. 

Clear Pathways

A cluttered home has less space to move around. Keep the walking spaces in the home clear of any items, lest the senior trips and falls. For the outside, clear the driveways and porches of any snow or obstacles that may cause falls. 

Avoid Dim Lighting

Candles add ambiance to a space and are a common sight in most homes during the holiday season. If you have to enjoy candle lights, do so in short bursts. That is because dim lighting can cause unexpected falls within a home. Also, the illumination may create shadows in a room and disorient a senior person's vision.

Safe Shopping

Holiday shopping is physically and mentally draining. Enjoy shopping with seniors by breaking shopping trips into several short durations instead of long ones. You can have a more effortless shopping experience in the morning when you have yet to handle other day's activities. Also, there is less traffic in shopping centers in the morning, so you enjoy a smooth shopping experience. 

Health Safety

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle during the holidays can be challenging. However, seniors need to be in optimum health condition. Some of the health safety tips include:

Check Blood Sugar Levels

Seniors should eat a diet that does not spike or dip their sugar levels. You can test the blood sugar levels from time to time.

Offer Plenty of Drinking Water

A senior person needs to stay hydrated for a healthy lifestyle. Give them adequate water often. You could carry a bottle of water wherever you go.

Allow Adequate Rest

The traveling and festival activities around this season can cause fatigue in a senior person. Ensure they get enough time to rest and recharge for the next day.

The holiday season is a joyous time of the year you where you spend with your loved ones. As you enjoy your holidays, do not forget to observe safety precautions for the seniors. Following the above safety tips can help you determine whether your senior family member is safe and can enjoy the holiday.

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